Life Groups banner (Sep 11 2014)

What are Life Groups?

At Outreach, Life Groups are basically the church in miniature. It’s a group of believers, gathering together in smaller settings for the purpose of developing true community. When the first Christians met for fellowship, this is generally how they functioned—as house churches. They would gather in a larger setting on occasion, but they did life together through these smaller units. As barriers were broken down, and authentic relationships were built up, these groups brought life to each other and their communities. And though their gatherings were small, their impact was huge.

The Heart of Life Groups

CONNECTION: People tend to connect more readily in smaller settings.

AUTHENTICITY: Relationships have an opportunity to become authentic within a LG.

STUDY: To be in the Word of God in a way that applies to my life.

VALUE: It’s much more difficult to be “overlooked” in a LG.

DISCOVERY: There is a much greater avenue to use our gifts and talents in a LG setting.

SERVICE: It’s easier for us to take care of the needs of others in a LG setting, and, as a community, we move to meet the needs of those whom we have gathered with.

PRAYER: To pray about those situations and needs of other in my LG.

CHALLENGE: To be challenged by loving people in similar situations as I am, and challenging one another to become a participant in the body… not just a spectator.

Our Groups

Name Meeting Time Leaders/Hosts
Ionia Central I
TUES | 6-8pm
Justin & Anna Lilley
Ionia West
Ionia South
THUR | 6:30-8pm
THUR| 6:30-8:30pm
Nate & Shannan Hull
Lake Odessa North | TUES | 6:30-8pm Fred & Mariah Lab
Lake Odessa North || TUES | 6:-8pm Larry & Deb Fox
Lake Odessa Central WED | 6:30-8pm Joel & Shandel Noe
Lake Odessa South
THUR | 6:15-8pm
Portland East THUR | 6:15-8pm Steve & Dawn Husch
Portland/Sunfield WED | 6:30-8pm
Dan & Becky Pennington
Ladies Group THUR| 9:30-10:30am Mariaanne Luginbuhl
*Please be aware that some groups do not meet weekly during the summer months, so be sure to ask the group leaders about their group’s summer schedule before attending.
For more information on Life Groups, or if you have questions on how to get plugged in, please contact Steve Husch: